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Academic Excellence Lays Ahead

Personal Tutoring and

"How-to" Writing Guides

Our Online Learning Platform Teaches College Writing Skills

A Members-Only Website 

Where Students Can:

  1. Get tutored online.

  2. View how-to writing guides.

  3. Ask questions through our chat box.

Here's What Students Learn:

Research & Bibliographies

Learn how to choose a topic, conduct research, and create a bibliography.

Intros & Thesis Statements

Learn how to write an introduction and thesis statement.


Learn how to structure an outline for research papers.

Formatting & Citations

Learn how to write citations and format a paper for MLA and APA.

Body Paragraphs
& Conclusions

Learn how to write body paragraphs and a conclusion.

References, Proofreading, & Editing

Learn how to cite references, proofread and edit a paper.

I find the information and tutors very useful when i'm writing papers.

Shilo Yahya, College Student

and Member of Empower.ed


1. Request a Demo

This is risk free. Schedule a virtual screenshare at a time that works for you. It's your opportunity to learn more about our online learning platform.

2. View "How-to" Guides

Our writing guides teach students how to write college papers from start to finish with templates and slideshows, plus live and recorded trainings.

3. Get Tutored Any Day

Students get online tutoring at no extra cost. They can video chat with our award-winning university instructors or ask questions through our chat box every day.

Pave a Better Path Towards Retention

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